Principal Investigator

Hiroshi IGARASHI, Dr. Eng. TAG index TAG index TAG index
Professor, Tokyo Denki University

2018- Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, TDU.
2012- Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, TDU.
2006- Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, TDU.


Ryo WATANABE, Dr. Eng.
Assistant Professor, Tokyo Denki University

2021- Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, TDU.

Keisuke TOZUKA, Master. Eng.
Assistant, Tokyo Denki University

2022- Assistant, Research Institute for Science and Technology, TDU.

Ph.D. Students


Genki Sasaki ORCID iD icon TAG index TAG index

Cooperative Task Assistance using Force Feedback Considering Cooperative Skills

Daichi Miyamoto


Bastien Poitrimol

Grasping Interface for Virtual Reality Using Wire-Driven Positioning Interface

Kota Kobayashi

A Collaborative Work Analysis Method for Teamwork Evaluation

Keisuke Tozuka

For Further Development of VR Technology: Versatile Haptic Modeling

Master Students


Shuto Tsuchiya

Quantification of force sensation generation phenomena due to temperature changes

Natsuki Ito

Grasping expression using vibrating gloves in virtual environment

Kazuma Oya

Stress reduction system using breathing guidance using tactile stimulation

Tatsuki Onogawa

Quantifying the likelihood of inattentional blindness caused by selective attention

Issa Kato

Support for mastery of unconscious learning in dynamic movements

Ryosuke Tanaka

Evaluation of center of gravity sway using auditory stimulation

Mizuki Nakamura

Reproducing external forces with a small device

Nicolas Louis-Andre

Optimization of multi-agent slime mold approximation by population adaptation

Yuka Yamada

Analysis and correction of sitting posture using tension changes due to pressure


Ryu Juhou

Relationship between rhythm and stress in collaborative work

Hayato Kitaiwa

Pain relief due to gripping movements

Ryuma Yanase

Support for proficiency in fingertip movements when operating tools using force sense presentation

Gai Otsuka

Aiding sleep induction through vibration stimulation

Bachelor Students | Senior 4th

Senior 4th

Shinya Imamura

Kenzo Oshima

Mizuki Kashiwagi

Rikuo Kato

Yuki Takahashi

Syun Tahara

Daichi Nakajima

Hiroki nakamura

Mitsuki Nakamura

Ayaka Noto

Kensuke Hayashi

Ryoki Hiratsuka

Riku Morishita




Taiga Kassai
Assessment of Self-Centeredness in Machine Operation

Kotaro Kobayashi
Multi-Agent for Adaptive Guidance of Unknown Targets

Hikaru Tagaya
Supporting Motor Proficiency in Projection Motion by Feature Detection

Shuto Watanabe
System for Robot Synchronize and Control of Shared Rhythms among Multiple People


Ryotaro Uchida
Stress estimation using eyeball information

Kosuke Sudo
Improving hardness presentation by stimulating other partsuke Nakamura

Keisuke Nakamura
Proposal of a guiding algorithm for crowds passing each other at bottlenecks

Shion Fujiwara
Quantification of force sensation generation phenomena due to temperature changes



Yutaka Inoue
Cooperation Control of Multiple UAV

Hikaru Nishimura
Estimating Human Trust in Automatic Manipulation

Yuzuki Baba
Verbal Communication System to Estimate Probability Range in Tone

Yugo Yoshida
The Effect of Changes in Body Temperature during Napping on subsequent Performance


Shingo Sanuka
Evaluation of pseudo-tactile sensation using visual stimulation

Tsubasa Oriuchi
System for selecting necessary assistance by analyzing wing line of sight

Kosei Sato
Collaborative work between a human-controlled remote robot and multiple autonomous robots

Yusuke Noguchi
Development of a drowsiness reduction system using eye gaze measurement and electrical skin stimulation

Tomoki Bitoh
Band-type device using local thermal and cold stimulation



Nao Takahashi
Drawing Support by Force Display Device

Hikaru Nakanishi
Enhancing Model-based Skill for Playing Musical Instruments

Yohei Sugano
Human-Robot Cooperation with Boids Model

Tomoki Sumiya
Assist system by EMG Stimulus


Xu Chang
Development of Adaptive Power Assist Suit considering Muscle Fatigue

Taiki Shike
Promotion of Wakefulness by Temperature Presentation using Comfort and Discomfort

Miharu Suga
Development of a Human Adaptive Air Unit using Sensory Values

Daisuke Yamazaki
Control of Exercise Subjectivity for the Purpose of Improving Athletic Ability

Takahito Yamamoto
Series Prediction of EMG by Long Short-Term Memory Network



Sena Koizumi
Support of NonDominant Hand by Impersonating Dominant Hand

Taichi Kosaka
Multi-layered 3D Map Generation with Distance and Thermo Sensors

Kanaya Nakamura
Human Assist for Stress Response

Yusuke Yamazaki
Subliminal Calibration for Modifying Operator’s Personal Model


Yuki Okakuji
Wearable Device SLAM

Yuki Oda
Real-time Stress Assessment with Eye Movement Measurements

Ryohei Hikino
Steering Assist Mechanism using Grip Strength

Kosuke Yoshida
Estimate Driving Behavior using Gaze Information



Yu Uchida
Exercise Properties Evaluation at the Time of Illusion Kinesthesia by Vibration

Meng Ziqun
Optimization of Dynamics Parameters for Machine Operation using Individual Operation Characteristics

Raphael Joly
Multi-Agent Path Planning using Ant Colony Optimisation


Hiroki Emori
Development of Stress Reduction Device using Correlation between Biosignal and Body Temperature

Ryo Ogasawara
Stress Estimation in Eye Movement by Visual Load

Ryoichi Maruyama
Ceiling Adsorption UAV using Contra Rotating Propellers

Ryo Mukawa
Estimation of the Attention using “Attention Grid” in order to enhance cooperation



Kazushige Ashimori
Haptic Glove for Skill Transfer

Yuichiro Ishikawa
Gaze Based Human Motion Learning

Hiromasa Ogawa
Suction Propellers for Multicopter

Miki Saito
Wired Surface Force Feedback System

Daichi Miyamoto
Surface Force Detection Mechanism

Takuto Yoshida
Illusional Haptic Force Generation


Yusuke Asami
Synthesis of Learned Neural Networks for General Human Maneuvering Model

Masahide Denawa
Viscosity Control for MR Fluid for Active Cushion

Ryota Yamamoto
Sleep Depth Model Learning by Neural Networks

Amir Fakhry
Detection of Discomfort by Biosensors in Driving



Yohei Amano
High Speed Gaze Tracking System

Seiya Ichikawa
Cloth Folding Robot System

Shunya Nii
Teamwork Assist System

Tadashi Takeda
Surface Force Detection with MRF

Kazuyoshi Iwai
Cooperative Learning Algorithms for Mobile Vehicle


Tatsuhiro Koshikawa
Artificial Misdirection with Humanoid Robot

Ryo Sato
Portable Force Feedback Interface

Masaki Tanaka
Cooperative Driving with Concern For Others

Hiromi Fukuda
Multi-modal Assist System



Yoshihiro Ishihara
Visual Attention Estimation for Multiple Persons

Shintaro Otaki
Control of Automated Underwater Vehicle

Masahiro Kato
Teamwork Assist with Concern for Others

Koji Nishida
Control of Omni-directional Mobile Vehicle

Kazuki Yokouchi
Multimodal Assistance for Machine Operation

Sosuke Ino
Pen Writing Analysis for LD Students


Genki Miyachi
Vibration Reduction for Omni-directional Vehicles

Kensuke Onuma
Brain Analysis for Driving Assist

Yuki Sanpei
Foot Feeling Display with MR Fluid

Ryo Takei
Illusional Swing Motion Assist

Daiki Miura
Suction Propeller Mechanism

Kosuke Watanabe
Driving Assist with Visual Tricks



Kazuhiro Suzuki
Force Sensor-less Numerically-Controlled Machine

Takuma Okamoto
Fleet Force Sensor

Yuta Sakamoto
Contact Force Feedback System

Yuka Sato
Omni-directional Personal Mobility

Mariko Michimoto
Wall Climbing Robot


Mitsunari Yashiro
Surface Force Feedback System

Hironori Komatsu
Modular based Cleaning Robot

Yuya Nanba
Rust Evaluation System

Ryo Hanai
MR-cushion Interface

Tsubasa Hattori
Advanced Sensing System by UAV



Takuto Sugi
Machine Operation Assistance with Variable Impedance Joystick

Motoki Aoki
High Precise Force Estimation with Stochastical Resonance

Tokio Umino
Control of Mechanum Wheeled Vehicle

Naoya Tsujita
Quantification of Concern for Others in Cooperative Works

Hiromu Nagasawa
Contact Point Estimation for Haptic Devices

Hiroto Akiba
Learning Control for Omni-directional Vehicles


Keito Iwata
High Speed Gaze Tracking Device

Hidetaka Okajima
EMG based Controller for Robot Control

Yu Sakuma
Development of Common Interface for Modular Robots

Kazuki Suda
Force Feedback Interface by MR Fluid

Shota Miyoshi
Cooperative Robot for Multi-Agent Systems