The CRL of Tokyo Denki University works on Application research of Artificial Intelligent as a “Cooperation” keyword to make “Sense of the Atmosphere.”
We have missions that grow up the seed of techniques, and it will make everyone smile twenty years from now.


The CRL has researched a wide range of areas regarding “Cooperation” which is a novel research area of artificial intelligence.
We believe that if the robot can sense human feelings and predict the influence of its movements on others, we will be able to realize the robot that can read the atmosphere.
This is the final aim of our research; we work on research day by day.


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For companies

The CRL propels collaboration with companies. We are actively engaged in seminars and lectures, joint research and contract research, etc., to provide seeds that can contribute to society. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

Hiroshi Igarashi
120-8551 5, Senju-Asahi-Cho, Adachi-Ku, Tokyo, Japan.
Tokyo Denki University, School of Engineering, Department of Electronic Engineering.

Also, the Tokyo Denki University established the Research Promotion Social Cooperation Center (TLO), a specialty post of Industry-government-academia collaboration. Specific cooperation will be carried out through the “Industry-Government-Academia Exchange Center (TLO).”


Train: JR Joban-Line, Tokyo metro Hibiya-Line, Tokyo metro Chiyoda-Line, Tobu Isesaki-Line, and Tsukuba express-Line
A minute’s walk from the East exit of Kita-Senju Station.
Seven minutes walk from Keisei Sekiya station or Ushida station.